In honor of that most American-Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s day, we asked Emily McIntyre, our resident beverage writer-geek-lady, to furnish an Irish Coffee recipe. Turns out, she’d asked her bartender-consultant-friend-guy in Kansas City, Kenny Cohrs, the same question. We’re delighted to post the result! And, if you plan to try this out, may we suggest you click through to join our newsletter to access a coupon code for the coffee?

Irish Coffee

4.0 oz. fresh-brewed quality coffee

1.5 oz Jameson’s Irish whiskey

1.0 oz brown sugar simple syrup*

unsweetened cream, lightly whipped

In a preheated, Irish Coffee Mug, or even a white wine glass, combine coffee, whiskey and syrup. Stir slightly to combine , then whip cream until just less than still and still pourable (I use a Ball jar and fill half way, replace lid and shake to stiffen my cream). Gently ladle roughly one inch of cream on top.

by Caravan Coffee

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