Orders & Shipping

How is my order shipped?

We ship most often by Priority USPS. Some large wholesale orders are more efficient with UPS.

2 bag RCC coffees come boxed and padded in an envelope. 3 and 4 bag RCC coffees ship in a plain box. All RCC orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Do free shipping promotions apply to standing orders?

No, free shipping promotions do not apply to recurring orders or Roaster's Choice Club subscriptions which are already heavily discounted. 

Roasting & Coffee Information

What is the order deadline for fresh shipments?

Roasting days are Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (exceptions apply on holidays). If you're near Newberg, swing on by to see it in action.

Order deadline: 10:00am Monday for fulfillment the same week.

Subscriptions & Account Management

I just joined RCC, when am I charged?

Thanks for joining!

Local Pickup:

Once your initial order is processed, the card that you registered will automatically be charged on the 23rd for the following month.

E.g. You will see a charge on January 23rd for February's First Friday pickup.


Once your initial order is processed, the card that you registered will automatically be charged on the 1st for that month's fulfillment.

E.g. You will see a charge on January 1st for January's Second Friday RCC shipment.

Can I pick up my RCC coffee?

YES! Select local pickup for RCC. Local pickups can also enjoy a free hot or cold brew!

We'll have your coffee in the Tasting Room anytime after 7am the First Friday of the month.

Where is my RCC shipment for this month?

Every now and then there may be an address or payment hiccup in the system. Or perhaps there was a delivery attempt missed.

In fact, there are many variables we'd like to check out for you. Please contact us with a detailed description as well as good callback/email information and we'll sort this out and get your coffee to you ASAP. 

Thanks for your patience!

I ran out of my RCC coffee this month. Can I increase next month's order?

Yes, you can go from 2 bags/month to 3 bags/month or 4 bags/month. You may also purchase multiple subscriptions. 

Login and click on "Manage Subscriptions.”

If you need further help, please contact us and provide a good callback with email. We're happy to help you get this right.

How do I change my RCC billing information, address or credit card?

It's quite simple! Just login to your account to manage payment methods and billing information.

If you experience difficulty doing so you may contact us.

I don’t love one of my RCC selections this month. Can I make a trade?

First, we are sorry to hear this. We want to make it right and you do have options. 

Visit our Tasting Room or Contact Us if you’re a long distance guest. Perhaps we can coach you in some brewing tips to help you enjoy that coffee more. You may also checkout our Brewing Guides. In the end, if we can’t help you make it great, then we’ll be happy to trade for some beans that you will love.

The goal of the RCC is to introduce new coffees and rotate through various selections which correspond to our Tasting Room Features. For many people this provides a sensory adventure. However, if you really know what you love and want to stick with one or two coffees - then there is also good news at a great price. You can set a recurring order for pickup or delivery of your favorite coffees through our Shop. On all orders over 2lbs you will receive a great discounted price as well. 

We hope that one of these options will help you enjoy coffee even more. And as always, we welcome your feedback and questions anytime.

Can I pause or cancel my RCC subscription?

Absolutely. We understand that you may need to pause a month.

Remember that your card will auto-charge on the 23rd for the FOLLOWING month’s coffee. You’ll need to login to your account and then pause before the 23rd to skip the upcoming order.

As always contact us if you have any challenges taking care of this.

Can I send a RCC coffee subscription gift?

Absolutely! You're so generous : )

Just as you would for yourself, start an RCC account in the recipients name and address. You'll enter and manage the account, payment information, etc. and the coffee will be addressed to them.

Can I change my grind setting for my RCC subscription?

Absolutely! We now offer four grind settings for our RCC customers - Espresso, Drip, French Press and Whole Bean. 

To change your grind setting, simply log in to your account and select "Manage Subscription," to make the change. 

If you need further assistance, please send us and email through our contact us page. We are happy to help!


Where can I send my fun ideas and recommendations?

We love to hear from our coffee friends and are open to your ideas.

We may not be able to incorporate everything, but feel free to contact us.

Can I visit your coffee shop?

Absolutely! Our incredible baristas are in our Tasting Room daily ready to craft you your perfect drink! Come say hello! 

Find the location and hours of the Tasting Room here.


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