Pete Miller

Owner & Founder

Pete enjoys being a “flame keeper,” coaching the best flavors and aromas from these organic and mystical seeds from faraway places.

Tiffany Middleton

Operations Manager

My coffee journey began while working as a barista in the mid 1990’s when specialty coffee was really still finding its way into the mainstream. I had the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the retail side of coffee while working in a busy drive-thru and managing the adjoining sit-down café. My passion for the magical elixir never waned and I was eventually drawn to the wholesale roasting world by way of Caravan Coffee. Essentially, my job is to keep Caravan running like a well-oiled machine and I pour my heart and soul into doing just that. I have a shirt that says “Keep Calm and let Tiffany Handle It.” At Caravan, those are words to live by!

Paul Hunter Allen

Green Coffee Buyer - Roast Q.C

My mum says I was ruined, as far as coffee was concerned. After two years in Europe, only the best would do. There may be only one thing I enjoy more than seeking the perfect roast on our 25lb San Franciscan roasters–drinking a “flat white” with friends and my wife, Rachel.

Austin Friedrich


About 64% of Americans have a cup of coffee each day. My passion is to show that a great cup makes all the difference when starting your day, as well as showing the other 36% that coffee is the best way to start your day. At the end of the day however, it's about the relationships built when experiencing coffee at its fullest.

Kat Stauffer

Marketing Director

The simple request, "we should go out for coffee,” invites camaraderie and conversation. The world of coffee has not only opened the doors to experiencing an excellent global beverage but has contributed to friendships becoming best friendships, dreams becoming realities, and much more. At Caravan Coffee I look forward to sharing the intricacies of the coffee tasting world with you. Currently, my favorite coffee is our Fair Trade Organic Peru Femenino for both a pour-over and espresso.

Haley Comfort

Tasting Room Manager / Barista Trainer

Hi I’m Haley, I am the Tasting Room Manager here at Caravan and have been slinging ‘spro for a handful of years. I have always loved the culture around coffee; from the simple joy of getting a cup of coffee with a friend to the more nitty gritty of how coffee is grown, sourced and prepared. Caravan has been the perfect spot to continue my coffee education, while tasting delicious coffee along the way. I love coffee because of the community it creates. By its very nature, conversation and cultivation occur. It serves as a mechanism of togetherness, which I am big fan of. I look forward to welcoming you into our space here at Caravan and sharing some awesome coffee with you.

Paige Dean


I have worked in the coffee industry since I was 16. I believe that a good cup of coffee is so much more than a drink. It is a building block for a good day, a comforting addition to your routine, and a reason to pause. Having worked in a large array of coffee shops, I have learned there are nuances of artistry that comes with the craft. No matter your preference, there will always be the unbeatable comfort of your favorite coffee. As Administrative Assistant, I get the privilege of contributing to the incredible process that is roasting. With my schooling background in newspaper editing and media studies, I enjoy the opportunity to help people see beauty in the simple things through media. Hand in hand with my love of coffee, I feel fulfilled and grateful for my place in the team.

Courtney Myatt

Packaging Lead

My love of coffee began brewing at a young age when mornings in my kitchen smelled of freshly brewed French press coffee. My attitude since then has been that it’s never too cold for an iced espresso. Born and raised in McMinnville, OR and a lover of all things made local, my journey to Caravan has been an easy one. Caravan has been my first working experience in coffee and the best introduction into the chemistry and specificity of what makes an enjoyable cup of coffee. Being the one to deliver these incredible beans of majesty across our community has been one of the greatest privileges and experiences of my life. My advice to anyone reading this: Want everyone to smile when you walk in the room? Walk into any room with armfuls of coffee, and EVERYONE will be happy to see you.

Rodric "Roddy" Hansen


Bryan Selby

Delivery Driver / Assistant Roaster

Rory Phillips

Tasting Room Host

Coffee has unwittingly been an effervescing constant in my life, from fond memories of canteen brews with my father out in nature to the luxury of enjoying espresso flights and developing my palette across the Willamette Valley. But it wasn't until a saunter to northern Italy that I learned something that shifted my posture towards these magical beans entirely: that coffee is so much more than a beverage to be prepared, but a worldwide language to be shared. It is a universal language that I am grateful to make up a small part of. Hemingway once called Paris a "moveable feast," and so too is coffee as I create, share, and ever-constantly learn with my guests.

Silas McIlraith

Tasting Room Host

Some of my most cherished memories are the moments of quiet and stillness that have often been accompanied by a warm cup of coffee. From being a young boy, joining my dad for his early morning breakfast and staring in awe at the steam lifting from his mug of coffee, to mornings I spend on my porch with a fresh pourover of my own, coffee has seemed to always be a conduit for those happy moments of coziness and peace. After working in coffee for 5 years, I redirected my professional focus to my own local small business, Silas Made, where I currently explore my love for art and design through woodworking. Though it was a break from working in the coffee industry, I would always have a freshly brewed cup floating around in my workspace, usually from Caravan’s tasting room. Caravan quickly became one of my favorite spots when I became self-employed, and I’m overjoyed to be working here now. One of my favorite qualities of Caravan is its dedication to acknowledging the hard work done by the people we’re lucky to get our coffee from, and I couldn’t be happier to work for a company that recognizes and appreciates the communities who provide us with this wonderful beverage.

Fenn Burcham

Tasting Room Host


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