Road signs to the contrary, you can’t always tell when you are officially in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. It’s a region and a district as well as a town. Furthermore, as a transliteration of an Amharic word, multiple spellings exist: Yirgachefe, Yergacheffe, or Yerga Chefe. But whatever you call it,  this area is widely considered the birthplace of coffee.

The town of Yirgacheffe itself has a population of 20,000, similar to Caravan Coffee’s own hometown, Newberg, OR.

“When we were driving into this area, we noticed a unique fragrance of [coffee] fruit in the air,” said Paul Allen, Roastmaster.

So if you didn’t know you’d arrived in Yirgacheffe by sight, perhaps you would know it by smell. And also by sight; coffee trees aren’t just growing on farms and in back yards, they’re even growing along the roadside, bathed in the dust and noise of traffic.

The wet/washed process, which removes the cherry skin and pulpy fruit before entering the water tanks, helps keeps our Yirgacheffe coffee clean and consistent. With its unique citrus notes, this offering might just remind you of why you love coffee. Enjoy!

Tasting Profile: A medium-bodied coffee with lemon and red grapefruit up front and a smooth, earthy finish.

Recommended Preparations: Aeropress, French Press, Chemex, Pour-over

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by Caravan Coffee

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