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Our Business is Your Success

In the coffee industry, we focus on making great coffee, every step of the way–not just Caravan, but our partners and everyone else who makes coffee daily. It’s a long process. We work to find the best coffee available, and when we find it, we strive to roast this coffee in the most beautiful way imaginable. Then we work tirelessly to brew the coffee so that when we taste it, we hear the angels singing, “Hallelujah!” When we achieve these fleeting moments, we reach success. However, what we often forget to talk about is the other side of coffee success: the business side.

One of my roles here at Caravan Coffee is in business development. I have seen coffee businesses start, I have seen them succeed, and I have witnessed failure. Contrary to popular belief, I have seen little correlation between a passion for coffee and business success.  I also have seen much less connection between making incredible coffee and achieving business success than what most people think.

Success in the coffee industry means looking at business holistically. It means understanding how to manage employees as well as make a fantastic shot of espresso. It means a warm greeting to customers, poignant questions, and a friendly invite to return.  Success occurs when through leadership employees take pride and ownership in what they do.

Success means managing inventory and balancing the books. It means scheduling, knowing when to hire, and as difficult as it is, knowing when to fire. It means implementing training programs designed to produce magnificent results every time. It means knowing how and what to market. Success is a discovering and sharing who you are as a company and what makes you unique.  One of our missions here at Caravan is to see the shops we partner with succeed. This means at times walking them through business strategies that yield to success. It’s who we are; its in our DNA.

If you, or someone you know, is interested working with us to in implement strategies for success in the coffee business, please email me at or call Caravan at 503-347-0644.


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