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Meet The Team - Doug Verigin

Meet the Renaissance Man - Doug Verigin.

He's a hard worker with a quick step and surprising wit. Just when you think you have Doug figured out, this Renaissance Man comes at you with a new surprise. Most recently, Doug sat down with his sketchpad to memorialize our 6 Caravan Coffee Blends, especially with his dad in mind.


(original artwork for Father's Day 2020)

"I credit my Father to my love of coffee. It was with him that I had my first cup." (from Adam)

"It's been such a pleasure to bring our Father's Day Gift Boxes to life with Doug's artwork featured on each bag. His unique pencil-to-ink style has lent itself perfectly for a Light & Dark Coffee Gift Box. The art is timeless and help us to honor the men in our lives who show us strength, adventure and love. It's a joy to work with you Doug and I look forward to many more creative projects together." (from Adam)


(original artwork for Father's Day 2020)

"Doug comes to work everyday with an eagerness to serve and a humble spirit. He primarily works our packaging line which is our final quality control check where he ensures the coffee and the packaging are beautiful. He also does coffee deliveries, connecting with our local customers with a friendly greeting. Other hats that he wears in our small business: Lead equipment and facility maintenance along with service on our Safety Committee. Doug is a valuable part of our Caravan Team." (from Pete)


(original artwork for Father's Day 2020)


"Doug is one of those rare humans that engages in conversation to listen and understand and not to just wait for his turn to speak. He brings such a peaceful energy wherever he is in the building whether he's staining patio tables, packing up roasted coffee beans or simply sitting next to you at lunch. It's no wonder many of the staff share the same sentiments of wanting to be part of Doug's family outside of work!  We love you Doug!" (from Kat)


Father's Day Dark Box  


"Doug brings a positive and calming energy to our team. He is always eager to learn and never hesitates to help out a fellow team member, regardless of the task. We've enjoyed seeing his creative side in his blog writing and label artwork for Caravan, as well as his musical talents outside of work. We are thrilled to have Doug as a part of our Caravan family." (from Tiffany)

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