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Have you met Joe?

We'd like to introduce our new team member, Joe.

Sorry, you won't meet Joe standing behind the Tasting Room coffee bar. Nor will you see him roasting fine coffees through the glass on one of our 12kg / 25lb San Franciscan Roaster. Joe is not in the packing line nor part of the customer service team.

You'll see Joe's image posted proudly on our window greeting you when your car rolls into Caravan. Joe will greet you here:  and then help you pay for fresh brewed coffee or fresh roasted beans. Joe will even help you tip your favorite barista! Joe is a great new helper who is part of the Caravan team for the long-haul.

Right now (June) you'll see that Joe is offering lots of $$ savings on your favorite coffee posted to our Facebook and IG pages.

Go ahead and give Joe a try at Caravan here: 

We're sure you'll like him as much as we all do : ) 

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