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Ethiopia puts the "E" in S.E.T.

This month (August) our Tasting Room is pulling liquid gold cold brew from one of our favorite coffees. As a single origin offering Ethiopia Damo Sidamais a Wow! coffee for many reasons. It bursts with sweet honey and delicate floral aromas, with a soft acidity and big tropical sweetness. 

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The second feature "E" in S.E.T. is for the environmental sustainability practices that shine in every cup of coffee of Damo Sidama. These farms and co-op communities receive a higher premium for relationship grown organic coffees. The rich ancient soil is revered and traditional animal husbandry on the hillsides provides all the natural fertilizers any coffee tree could ever wish for : )

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While we don't advertise "Organic" on the packaging, every Ethiopian bean we roast is organic. The farmers can't afford to pay the FDA for the inspection, and really why should they when they have treasured their soil for millennia hence? So we proudly roast and tell with a wink and smile, "hey this is organically and sustainably grown!" 

S = A specific positive SOCIAL impact in that region.
E = Sustainable ENVIRONMENTAL practices in place.
T = TRACEABILITY direct to farm, community or co-op.

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Don't forget to read about the "S" and stay tuned for "T" of Caravan's S.E.T. coffee sourcing principles. Every coffee that must pass our framework to receive a "Sourced with Intention" mark of approval.

If you're passing by, make sure to grab a cold brew on ice. Try it with Oatley or Cream (it tastes like a raspberry custard!) Our Tasting Room is open and you may use our Joe Coffee App (click) to order and pay from a safe distance.

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