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Brazil puts the "S" in S.E.T.

This month (August) our Tasting Room is pleased to feature one of our favorite coffees on espresso. As a single origin offering Brazil Monte Carmelo is a consistent top seller for many reasons. Beyond it's hazelnut aroma, smooth body and low acid finish this coffee champions a beautiful cause at origin.

The first feature "S" in S.E.T. is for the specific social impact every cup of coffee has in the Monte Carmelo region of Brazil. Beyond sustainable trade pricing an additional 5 cents from every LB of Monte Carmelo coffee we purchase goes directly to the EduCafe project teaching both children and adults to read, providing healthy meals, and sponsoring clean water filtration devices to mountain side communities.

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Each bag of "green coffee" that comes into Caravan weighs 60kg or 132lbs. Those bags come stacked x10 / pallet. One bag @ 132 lbs = $6.60 at $0.05 / lb. One pallet is then worth USD$66. (At origin that goes a long way!)

And thanks to you our fans and friends, Brazil Monte Carmelo is consistently one of our top selling coffees... which means we pull a lot of pallets through our doors on our forklift!

S = A specific positive SOCIAL impact in that region.
E = Sustainable ENVIRONMENTAL practices in place.
T = TRACEABILITY direct to farm, community or co-op.

Stay tuned for more about the "E" and "T" of Caravan's S.E.T. coffee sourcing principles. Every coffee that must pass our framework to receive a "Sourced with Intention" mark of approval.

We recommend you try an Iced Honey Cinnamon Latte from our Tasting Room or from a safe distance using the Joe Coffee App (click) this month while featuring our Brazil Monte Carmelo! 

Brazil Monte Carmelo LOVES Local Honey and Cinnamon on Ice!


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