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Coffee Spotlight: Ethiopia Sidamo Peaberry

This Ethiopia Sidamo Peaberry coffee comes from an Ethiopian-led community health project that has taught health education to one million people to date. Covering a broad base of topics, from maternal and child care to HIV-AIDS, nutrition, water purification, sanitation, micro-business, women’s health, and aid to people with disabilities, the non-profit we are partnering with has a proven track record in Ethiopia. This relational coffee is traceable, sustainable, and fits with Caravan’s core values.


As if specialty coffee isn’t special enough in its own right, sometimes only one bean grows in a coffee cherry instead of two. This serendipitous anomaly, known as a peaberry, happens in only about 5-10% of coffees and results in a smaller, rounded, extra tasty singleton. Perhaps because one bean gets the flavor meant for two, peaberry coffees present a distinct taste difference from their larger, flatter fellows from the same lot. Case in point, our new Sidamo Peaberry, which showed up on the cupping table in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Cuppers raised their collective eyebrows as they sipped caramel and butter notes melded with spice, nuts, and chocolate. Patently wonderful.

A good peaberry coffee is exciting at any time, but especially so when the origin country is Ethiopia: definitely worth the extra labor and expense to separate the peaberries from the rest of the lot. We already had some great new crop coffees from this trip to Ethiopia–Kochere, and the raspberry syrup flavor from Abaya–and this peaberry was the icing on the cake. Caravan Coffee nabbed 20 bags!

The farmers in this region are proud of their land and their coffee. On plots of approximately 2 hectares on the average, they cultivate and manage their plants with expertise, and send their crop to the Kedir Ibrahm wet mill. Care and quality show in the fruits of their labor, and we’re thrilled to partner with them in offering you this Ethiopia Sidamo Peaberry.

Latitude: 6° 45’ N
Longitude: 38° 20’ E
Altitude: 1815 masl
Region: Sidamo
District: Dale
Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom

Tasting Notes: A balanced coffee with almond, cashew and hints of juicy plum up front with a full-bodied chocolate and nutmeg finish.

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