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Christmas Blend, From Magis to Snowflakes

We have a long tradition here at Caravan Coffee of offering a seasonal blend that is introduced this time of year, “Christmas Blend”. This tradition includes both special packaging and the coffees that are blended together to create this popular coffee.

First of all the packaging of the Christmas Blend started out not even being called “Christmas Blend” but rather “Magi’s Blend”. Our Caravan Coffee branding started out with an Arabian Theme that included coffee names such as Bedouin Blend and Midnight Mirage with images of camels and the dessert. Along this same theme, we introduced our Christmas Blend with the ancient story of the Magi coming to see the King. Contrast this branding and name to our current Christmas Blend with snowflakes and a camping trailer!

Now, for the important piece: the coffee flavor profile which is developed with the season in mind. We concentrate on the sweetness of this Holiday – whether it is grandma’s pie, chocolate from your spouse, or fruit cake from Aunt Betsy. Also we consider the natural aromas of Christmas that includes cedar or pine, and spice. Our Roastmaster presents several different options for our team after many experiments to highlight aromas and flavors of Christmas. The result, “HO! HO! HO!, Merry Christmas to all, And to all a good night!”  

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