Why We Like It

  • cost is low
  • it's simple and easy to clean up
  • no sediment in the last drops
  • more acidity in the cup
  • you control temperature and brew time

What You Need

  • whole bean coffee
  • clean cold water (preferably filtered)
  • pour over brewer
  • pour over paper filter
  • cup
  • electric kettle
  • scale
  • grinder (preferably Burr)
  • timer

Consider This

  • Paper filters can impart a noticeable filter (pre-wetting helps diminish this).
  • This method is best for smaller amounts.


400g yield

  1. Boil water in kettle.
  2. Place pour over filter into brewer and rinse with hot water. Empty.
  3. Measure 26g of coffee and grind beans on "Auto-Drip" (medium-fine like ground pepper).
  4. Place coffee into filter and tare scale.
  5. Start timer and gently circulate enough water to wet all the grounds, allowing coffee to bloom for approximately 45 seconds.
  6. Pour remaining water in gentle circular motion until you reach a total of 400g.
  7. Finish at approximately 2:30 minutes and pour into preheated cup.



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