More than 20 years ago Caravan Coffee’s founder Pete Miller bought an old Cape Cod house down the street from George Fox University here in Newberg Oregon. At the time he had no idea that a little café in his garage would take him around the world and bring the world of coffee to my community.

He moved his family into that old house and setup one of the first coffee shops in northwest Oregon. He opened in the 1990’s, before it was hip to carry around a premium cup of coffee, much less open a coffee shop. The community loved it and his garage quickly became a meeting place for coffee lovers ranging from college students to retirees. Drawn by the quality coffee, guests also enjoyed the bakery, bookstore and live music.

As he learned more about coffee Pete began to realize that he could make a difference, both in his own community and for the coffee growing communities Caravan partnered with. He began developing relationships in what is known as as the “Coffee Belt,” the regions that produce the world’s best coffee – mostly developing nations. It’s through those relationships that some of the finest coffees in the world have been brought to Caravan Coffee. We are proud to say that we give back to those communities that grow our coffee – projects that range from fresh water supply to a community band.

Seeing the impact of our efforts, we have adopted a set of standards that we abide by when we purchase any of our coffees. Our standards benefit the communities that provide the coffee and the community that drinks it.

Our business has grown over the years and we have expanded our operation to a larger facility and now, instead of meeting in that old garage, our customers meet in our tasting room or on our website. They are just as diverse now as they were then, but they all still want the same thing – a great cup of coffee.


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