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Whiskey Coffee is Back! ... almost.

2nd Annual Local Collaboration!

Stay Tuned as Pre-Sale Begins Soon!

Back by popular demand we are proud to announce the limited release of our Branch Point Distillery whiskey barrel aged coffee!

Wheat Whiskey meet Guatemala Monte Cristo - Branch Point Caravan Coffee

You Won't Want to Miss This!

Our Guatemala Monte Cristo single origin coffee was triple barrel aged using Branch Point Oregon Wheat Whiskey barrels. The whiskey was made from locally grown Oregon soft white winter wheat along with crystal brewers malt and distillers malt and is double pot distilled before being aged in new, charred American oak barrels. The barrels were emptied but had more work to do. Branch Point delivered three fresh barrels to Caravan for a month of coffee experimentation.

Barrel 099 103 106 Wheat Whiskey from Branch Point Distillery to Caravan Coffee

About the Whiskey Coffee.

This whiskey is very approachable and offers tasting notes of caramelized tropical fruits, brown sugar, and vanilla. The vapors of barrels #099, #103, and #106 each imparted a unique quality to our unroasted coffee for a sweet and surprising mash of spiced tropical fruits, like fresh baked banana bread with honey, vanilla, clove and butterscotch aromas.

Branch Point Distillery Caravan Coffee Collaboration Yamhill County Oregon

Hurry While it Lasts!

This whiskey coffee will be available for purchase September and October while supplies last. An official launch party with coffee and whiskey pours will happen Saturday, Sep 12 at Branch Point Distillery complete with local food by day and cigars by night. Contact and reserve your spot for this fun and fragrant event at Branch Point RSVP.

A Long Time Ago in a Roastery Far, Far Away...

This whiskey coffee friendship started in 2019 when Branch Point reached out to Caravan Coffee and offered a couple fresh local Trit whiskey barrels for our coffee experimentation. That first year, the Brazil Monte Carmelo's brown sugar hazelnut qualities married with Trit's hot apple cinnamon vibrancy for an unforgettable coffee that started this Yamhill County artisan collaboration.

*This coffee contains no alcohol.*

*Hand Picked Club members will receive coffees on Sep 1.
*All other orders will be roasted and fulfilled on or after Sep 12.


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