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Meet The Team - Kat Stauffer

If anyone is well suited to life in the coffee industry, Kat Stauffer is the one.  With her passion for great coffee, and the relationships that are nurtured over a cup of some really enjoyable brew, she’s a perfect match for the position of Tasting Room Manager. Kat and the tasting room team continually deliver great artisan coffee experiences to our customers.  She continually brings in new ideas and blends in subtle changes that keep the Caravan tasting room fresh and alive. 

Kat seems to have two gears: high gear and overdrive.  You’ll often hear her quick, rhythmic steps in the warehouse, as she’s walking in time to a tune she’s whistling. Whistling is a talent she inherited from both her father and grandfather.  Kat’s grandparents played an important part in her life. The fact that they lived in the Newberg area is a primary reason she moved to Oregon from San Jose, California. 

Being home schooled, Kat found herself motivated to move quickly through the courses and had the opportunity to shape her own destiny early on.  She passed her final high school exam at age 16 and got her GED. Kat’s mother worked in her own home-based business, and she inspired Kat that she too could make her own way in the world.  She went right to work, and has been doing so ever since. Kat created and ran her own events company, which operated for seven years. “I loved doing events,” says Kat. It was a chance “… to see peoples’ dreams become a reality.”  For her, it was a rewarding feeling to transform a venue from a stark, cold empty room into a grand stage for showcasing life-transforming events. During this time, she also had some formative experience working in coffee shops, but in the meantime…

Phases of life changed, and Kat’s priorities shifted so that she could devote time, love and energy to raising a family.  She’s mother to three boys; now stair-step ages of three, five and seven. Kat appreciates how she’s been able to balance family and work; and appreciates how supportive Caravan has been.  “Pete is a kind boss who understands the special needs working moms have.”  

Obviously, Kat’s a busy person.  But she still has time for hobbies.  One favorite activity is incredibly helpful.  She and her boys have nightly “dance night parties.”  This is a great way for the boys to shake out any pent up wiggles and antsy-ness before bed.  And perhaps this gets those boys off on a quick departure to dream land so she can curl up with a good book.  Favorite topics include social science commentaries and histories. One of her current favorites is Malcom Gladwell’s “Talking with Strangers,” a book about the innate tendency of people to trust, and want to trust, other people.    

Speaking of trust, as a no nonsense kind of person, I think people always trust Kat to do the right thing. She likes to quote Ann Landers, “the naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie.” Give it to us straight!  It seems obvious that being involved in coffee culture, and promoting the relationships and connections that sharing a cup of coffee creates, is a perfect place for Kat. Come by and meet Kat and our other tasting room staff, and enjoy a great coffee experience.  

Author credit to Doug Verigin


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