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“It’s so good! Did you say it was decaf?”

Yes! That's our Honduras Capucas.

The moment this coffee hits your lips flavors of sugar cookie come to mind with a mouth-watering grape quality. It’s so great and it’s decaf! Decaffeinated Swiss Water Process to be exact. I could continue with its soft nutty notes, mild acidity, and full body balance.

This coffee for us checks all the boxes: Fair Trade, organic, social impact positive, environmentally sustainable, and traceable.

Honduras Swiss Water Decaf by Caravan Coffee

For us at Caravan, these are more than words. This coffee represents who we are and what we value. 

This coffee brews perfectly on drip, or if you’re inclined on a Chemex with a fourth edition Able Kone. These two methods (especially the Kone) bring out flavors noted above. 

Our Honduras Decaf brings people together from 12 municipalities of San Pedro and Corquin, in Copan, Honduras. The local economy thrives on coffee sales, reducing poverty and increasing the standard of life for their community of 5,000 people. The cooperative is comprised of a general assembly of 10 members, nine of whom are women. Yep, 90% women in leadership!


Honduras Decaf Swiss Water Long Black Americano Caravan Coffee

Have you tried our Decaf Honduras? It’s one of those coffees people say, “It’s so good. Did you say it was decaf?”

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~ article contributed by Paul Allen, Head of Roasting & QC.


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