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Ok... we skipped the part about being multiplied by you (hundreds of members) enjoying their coffees every month to provide humanitarian aid, but you get the point. This is good together!

Since 2010 Caravan Coffee has partnered with the Newberg Early Bird Rotary Club to sponsor and support humanitarian projects in La Plata, Colombia.

La Plata is Newberg's “Sister City”. Not only do we give back financially ($2,333 in 2019 alone), but these personal relationships encourage cultural sharing between our cities.

The relationship with an introduction from Caravan's Colombian coffee partner, Alejandro Renjifo. Alejandro introduced Pete Miller to a group of Colombian Rotarians in La Plata who were passionate about helping the less advantaged of their community. Together a project to build bio-sand filters was hatched.

In outlying areas and remote mountain villages, drinking water was not fit for consumption. Without the most basic resource of potable water, these communities struggled to maintain the hygiene needed in order to consistently provide education, employment and growth opportunities for their people.

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