How to Reuse Coffee

  • Body scrub (recipe: 1cup finely ground coffee, 1cup coconut oil, 1/3cup brown sugar. Benefits: caffeine in coffee stimulates blood flow, grounds and sugar help exfoliate, coconut helps moisturize. Get creative and add things like coco powder, sea salt, ground oats, honey, etc.).
  • In the Garden (It works as a natural slug repellent and the coffee grounds actually have tons of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, and release nitrogen into the soil as they degrade.
  • Use to clean fireplace (before cleaning out your fireplace throw some dampened grounds on the ashes which will weigh them down and make for a less cloudy and dusty clean up.
  • To clean greasy pans (used coffee grounds are great for getting out hard, cooked on foods. With a scouring pad rub the grounds onto the pans and the abrasiveness of the grounds will clean it right up without needing harsh chemicals).
  • Repel cats from using the garden or houseplants as litter boxes. Mix grounds and orange peels together and sprinkle around garden or plants.
  • Deodorize your fridge (coffee is a natural deodorizer, just put some grounds in an open container and set in the fridge. They can also be used to help de-smell really smelly shoes. Put some dry grounds crumpled up in some newspaper and then set the newspaper in the shoes overnight. They’ll smell fresh again in no time!).For more tips and tricks check out or

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