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Happy National Coffee Break Day!

What are the cherished moments of your day? Whether you are a stay-at-home parent who snatches a bit of peace and quiet watching the Mr. Coffee do its magic or a busy office worker who stops at a nearby coffeeshop for a cup of magic to ease the commute, my guess is that if you’re reading this blog, the Coffee Break is a big part of your routine. You treasure coffee for more than just its taste, or its smell, you look forward to more than just the sounds of grinding and brewing, and more than the warmth of a hot cuppa in your hand. You, my friend, celebrate Coffee Breaks on the regular.

Me too. I’ve been known to sit on the floor, surrounded by my daughter’s blocks and glittery tiaras, just breathing my cup of coffee. In the intensity of motherhood, where so little of my life is my own, that Coffee Break is mine and mine alone. I meet friends and potential business clients over coffee. We let the steam warm our cheeks as we discuss our lives, or talk numbers and deliverables. My husband and I pause the chaos of co-founding a new coffee business and sit together on the couch with the sun on our necks, sharing a pour over of coffee roasted by good friends.

No matter our station in life, for the vast majority of the population that loves coffee, the Coffee Break is an institution to treasure. This National Coffee Day, join me in celebrating that moment of repose in the chaos, by taking advantage of Caravan Coffee’s special Coffee Break Day online discount: 25% off any 12-oz bag of fresh-roasted coffee with the coupon code “CoffeeBreak15“.

It’s National Coffee Break Day! How are you celebrating?

 – Emily McIntyre

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