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Coffee Sesh - Conversations with Truly Inspiring Women

Help us celebrate the month of the woman with our Instagram Live series of inspirational conversations with women in our local coffee community!

Hosted every Friday during March at 11:30 a.m., these short heart-to-hearts will focus on a range of topics from the place of women in the coffee industry to mental health awareness.

Grab a cup of Joe and settle in for an entertaining hour of educational and entertaining coffee talk!

Tune in to Instagram on the following dates to listen in!


March 5 - Marilyn Dryke, President of the Café Femenino Foundation will talk about her work supporting female coffee growers and their families through the Café Femenino Foundation.

She will also highlight a Water Reservoir Grant adopted by Caravan Coffee that supports growers within the Marchucara region of Peru. 

 Read more about the grant here


March 12 - Kristen Stoller, Co-Founder of the Community Wellness Collective will chat with us about her work on mental health initiatives in Yamhill County, OR. 

One of our favorite Caravan customers, Kristen is a passionate advocate for communities in need. Her talk will focus on the Rise Up program, small ways to give back, and the need to build resilience in our community during the COVID era and beyond. 


March 19 - Emily McIntyre, Author & Creator of Catalyst Coffee Consulting will discuss coffee marketing, resources, and methodology for monetizing your creativity. 

Outside of Catalyst, she is founder and General Manager for Ethiopian coffee importer Catalyst Trade, a travel / beverage journalist, a coffee-focused photographer, an elite coffee Q grader, and a martial artist. 



March 26 - Jen Hurd, President of the Oregon Coffee Board spills the beans on how to build a career in the coffee industry. 

During her 20 odd years in the business, Hurd has been an award-winning barista, a retail manager, a consultant, and a green coffee salesperson. 

During her coffee sesh, Hurd will discuss resources for minorities, free education opportunities, and ways to give back.  

 All of the sessions will feature some sort of giveaway or resource. Pair your favorite Caravan brew with this entertaining series!


Missed the live conversation?

Listen to the recorded Instagram live sessions here:


Marilyn Dryke, Café Femenino Foundation


Kristen Stoller, Community Wellness Collective


Jen Hurd, Oregon Coffee Board


Emily McIntyre, Catalyst Coffee Consulting









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