The quality of their coffee is incredible. They have a great selection between light and dark roasts and some of the most incredible cups of coffee I have ever had has been from the caravan tasting room.

Taylor F. / Yelp

This is the best coffee in the PDX metro area. Stumptown gets lots of press, but Caravan makes a better product.

Mark M. / Yelp

Delicious. Have belonged to the Caravan Coffee Club for several years. The only coffee I drink.

Cari C. / Google

Rock solid coffee and good vibes.

Justin M. / Google

Oh my gosh this place so good. I've gone half an hour out of my way just for their beans and some cold brew. Can't love you guys enough.

Kevin D. / Google

They roast the finest coffee ever to touch your palate (in fact, that touch quickly turns into a finely orchestrated dance routine among your taste buds). The problem? You will be described by your friends, as a coffee snob and every 'other' cup of coffee you try after this stuff will lead your taste buds into the quickest deep depression known to science. Try it, but know what you are getting into first because there is no turning back once you have the Caravan experience.

Dewey N. / Facebook

I only wish I lived close enough to stop by, but the "Hand Picked Club" lets me have my Caravan Coffee every morning by mail. Great stuff!

Roland D. / Facebook

I can't start my day without my cup of Caravan Coffee. Their master roaster is an artist. Their staff is wonderful and we love being members of their Hand Picked Coffee Club.

Randy M. / Google

If you love to drink coffee, you need to check these guys out! The monthly coffee club pickup is great, offering a variety of beans and a free pour-over before you go.

Matt M. / Yelp

Caravan is the first place in the greater Portland area that we have found that has truly small plot, artisan level, farmer grown beans from all over the world, the best of the best. We have subscribed to their custom coffee service that delivers fresh roasted beans from some of the most exotic growers...Sorry to say it, but Caravan has turned me from just an enthusiast to a coffee snob.

Jen W. / Yelp


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