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Lessons from a First Grade Teacher: Affirmation

My friend, Austin Taylor, is a first grade teacher at North Marion Elementary School. At the beginning of the day, he stands at the doorway of his classroom greeting every single one of his twenty-eight students. He greets them each by name and gives them some encouraging words.

“Mary, I’m glad you are here today”.

“Good morning Jason, we have a fun art project planned for you” .

“Cindy, how are you? You look ready to go to work with that new backpack”.

Austin tells me that with this practice, every child who walks into his classroom will start out their day being affirmed. They will know that their teacher thinks they are special and that they are going to be successful today.

As a leader in my small business, I thought to myself that I can apply this leadership lesson with my team. So, I have been making a conscious effort at the beginning of my day to walk through our Roastery and Tasting Room to personally connect.

“Good morning Mica. How are you?”

“Josh, it’s a beautiful morning. I’m glad you’re here”

“Alex, good work on designing the new fair trade coffee label”.

We all like to be affirmed; to hear someone say our name with a pleasant greeting; to be recognized for who we are and what we contribute. This is a powerful leadership tool that not only impacts our followers; but changes us who lead as well. Thank you Austin.

– Pete Miller


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