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Gratitude Part 1

Grateful: Part 1

Here at Caravan, we recently subscribed to a monthly batch of Thank You cards delivered by Gramr Gratitude Co. Upon receiving our first installment we found a handwritten note thanking us for our business. Reading their personal remarks inspired a mix of joy and thanksgiving, providing me an influx of energy I hadn’t had in months. Fast-forward to our next shipment, where we received yet another handwritten note! This batch contained a supply of extra coffee-specific Thank You cards because, in their words, “they have an incurable love of coffee.” What a touching and thoughtful gesture!


I got a chance to talk to Matthew Ryan Richardson, one of the owners of Gramr Gratitude Co, and he got a chance to tell me his story. They want to make gratitude contagious and change the way the thank you card industry works. They want to bring passion, creativity, and art back into the industry.

To say the least, we are grateful for them. Gramr’s motto is “Gratitude changes everything.” This got me thinking about Caravan Coffee, about who we are and what we want to be as a company. Twenty years ago we started as a small Mom ‘N Pop operation and now we roast for some of the premier coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores across the United States. In the midst of such a transition, it becomes easy for any company to start viewing its customers in terms of dollars and cents, instead of as gifts of the trade.

In an age where coffee is just another commodity, we at Caravan aim to do business differently. Of course we’d be lying if we pretended that the company doesn’t need your money to survive, but we are passionate about operating a business that’s about more than just the bottom line. Caravan exists today because of a love for great coffee. And you can’t have great coffee without forming quality relationships. Relationships between the grower and the roaster; the roaster and the distributor; the barista and the customer; all of these are vital to the success of the Caravan. We are grateful for each and every one of our patrons and business associates because it is you who sustain us. It is your love of quality coffee that fuels our love to supply it. Here at Caravan, we are grateful for the opportunity to scour the world in search of the best coffee and share our findings with you. It’s your demand for the best that keeps our roasters cranking, so truly, thank you!

This is part 1 of a series themed on Gratitude.  This first post is to share with you why we are thankful and who we are thankful for, namely, you!  Our next blog will focus on how gratitude can improve our customer service, our sales, and our professional and personal relationships.  Stay tuned and stay grateful.

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