Fair Trade Explained

Fair Trade Explained

Question: What is Fair Trade and why has Caravan decided to buy Fair Trade Organic coffee?

Answer: The international price of coffee is set in U.S. dollars. A weak dollar means coffee farmers get less for their coffee. While this is good for the roasters around the world who are buying this coffee, it hurts coffee farmers. Unless the farmer is part of Fair Trade, there is no floor on how low that price can go. For many years the coffee industry has been built on the backs of slave labor and extortion. So when prices are at an all time low, extortion and slavery begins to take root again. This is why we have begun purchasing Fair Trade Organic Coffee.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee puts a floor on the price of coffee. Farmers are guaranteed a fair wage, sustainable and environmental practices, and more. Every time you buy Fair Trade Coffee know that your purchase isn’t just towards excellent coffee, but is bettering the world.

Cheers to a great cup and a better world,

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