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Create Your Own Holiday Coffee Tradition

The holidays are a time to gather friends and family to your home, a time for food, drink, and merriment! This year, why not add a dash of coffee culture to your holiday party?

In traditional Ethiopia, an invitation to attend a coffee ceremony is considered a mark of respect and an invitation to friendship. This traditional ceremony lasts approximately 3 hours, and is done almost anytime a guest comes to visit.  Green coffee is roasted in a pan over the fire and then ground by hand, using a mortar and pestle. It is then poured from a height of one foot into small drinking cups and sugar or salt is added, depending on the regional recipe. Guests drink 3 of these smaller cups, with each one being seen as a different step in the transformation of the spirit.

While you may not have time to dust off your mortar and pestle, or roast your beans fresh over the fire, the idea behind the tradition is simple: coffee invites friendship and warmth into a home. So next time you find your house full of guests, whether it be at the holidays or not, offer them a cup of your favorite Caravan roast prepared in your favorite way. Explain why you love this particular coffee and why this method is your favorite. Embrace the ritual and welcome your guests in the time-honored coffee tradition.

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