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Coffee Cupping Instructions

Coffee Cupping Instructions

Perhaps you’re seen a coffee connoisseur sampling a gourmet coffee and wondered… ‘what’s that guy doing?’ or …. ‘did he just spit out that coffee?’

Chances are you were watching someone ‘cup’ coffee. This practice is one that is used around the world by coffee experts and coffee enthusiasts to taste all of the intricacies of coffee. It’s actually a lot like tasting wine. Coffee too has many flavor profiles and characteristics. Ever walk into a coffee shop and see coffee descriptions listed like “bold, fruity, acidic.” If so, those descriptions were provided by someone who cupped the coffee.

Anyone can cup coffee, in fact, we invite our customers here to cup with us at our facility. But not just anyone can be called a Q Grader – these are the really serious guys who have spent years developing their pallet and going through a rigorous process to get that certification. These guys are truly exceptional and recognized by the international coffee community as such.

At Caravan, we’re super-fortunate that our Roast Master, Paul Allen, is a Certified Q-Grader. His experience and expertise ensures that the coffee you drink from Caravan is truly amazing!

Have you ever wanted to know about the art and science of cupping? Pete Miller, owner / operator and Paul Allen, Roast Master of Caravan Coffee and Certified Quality Grader gives an overview of coffee cupping instructions here in the podcast from Above the Press. Enjoy!

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