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Caravaning: Upcoming Ethiopia

Note: This post was written last week. Paul is currently on the ground in Ethiopia, and these pictures were taken by him.

What I already knew about Ethiopia: hot, marathons, famine, coffee beginnings. So as you can see I needed to prepare. Sure, there were the vaccinations, insect repellent, visa, airplane seat position for the 14 hour flight and reading about culture and language: Ee see= OK

I know of the goat herder myths, Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Harar and even the blueberry natural Amaro. I am taking some skills with me like cupping, green grading, calibrating with fellow Q Grader Mike McIntyre, a level 1 & 2 Roasters Guild Certificate and 13 years of roasting experience. What should be added? What will I be taught? What should be left behind?

In the left behind category: Western arrogance, Paul Allen’s quirks, and securities.

I have found from past overseas expeditions that the best thing to take and hardest at the same time is a right heart attitude. I will make mistakes. That is a given. But I hope things will go much deeper.

What will I bring home?

Some green Ethiopia Kochere?  I hope. Friendships. Probably. But importantly something deeper in the heart.

– Paul Allen, Caravan Coffee Roastmaster

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