Barista Showdown: One Month Later

It’s been a month since Caravan Coffee’s annual Barista Showdown. For those of you who couldn’t come, Caravan Coffee’s Barista Showdown is a time when baristas, roasters, sponsors, and supporters come together every year in our roasting facility to benefit the Newberg Area Habitat for Humanity. We laughed, clapped, tasted, and celebrated together over live music, great food, and–of course–delicious coffee. The goal of the event was to build lasting relationships in the local coffee community, better our craft, have fun, and give back community. We had a fantastic turnout and raised quite a bit of money for Habitat for Humanity. We had a big goal…

And. We. Reached. It!

Caravan Coffee and our sponsors donated countless hours, products, and money to this event. From our ticket sales and donations we were able to raise $1,000 for Newberg Habitat for Humanity.

We didn’t want to loose the fantastic momentum from the event so we caught up with some of our competing baristas. Here’s what they had to say:


“It was a great time overall. I learned a lot and had fun ~ a great first experience!”

-Garrett Ewing




“Even though I didn’t do as well as I hoped I had a lot of fun. The other competitors were really supportive and nice, I truly learned a lot more about being a barista with the talent there this year!”

-Courtney Croft

“Looking back at the showdown I see how all my hard work has really turned myself into the barista I am today. It pushed me to tune in my skills and creativity with all that is coffee. I’m just counting down the days ‘till I get to go the the American Barista school in August!!!”

-Cole Werfelman

“The barista showdown was one of the most inspiring and fun experiences I’ve ever had. Being around so many people filled with such visible passion and drive for coffee and coffee culture was amazing! I can’t wait for next year!”

-Sarah Hull


“Participating in the Barista Showdown at Caravan Coffee last month was so inspiring! The competition environment pushed me to pay special attention to the detailed aspects of my job as a barista and showcase them in a fun way. Also, winning second place has opened up doors to new relationships in the industry and new opportunities to pursue my future with coffee.”

-Alise Hay

As you can see, this event positively impacted the lives of many people! Given our focus as a company, this makes us deeply happy and confirms we’re on the right track.


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