A Note from the Master: Coffee Science Certificate

I passed the Coffee Science Certificate class in Portland, OR. What I learned was that there are a lot of myths out there when it comes to coffee, something not talked about much.

Coffee acidity is one of them. The confusion comes from (1) when talked of in coffee, we are talking about a flavor profile that hits both your tongue and palate, yet (2) many are talking of stomach acidity. Actually, coffee is a little less in acidity than human saliva (pH 6) coming in at pH 5. So what maybe giving us that stomach acidity before we assume its the coffee? Lets say coffee is 0 in stomach acidity. What would be more acidic? Beer 3x more, Diet Coke x80 more, Orange x100 more, Wine x316 more and Coke x400 more than coffee. Even chocolate, cheese, homogenized milk and ice cream are more.

Paul Allen I Roastmaster
Certified both as a Q Grader & with the Roasters Guild, Level 1 & 2

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