Over the last 20+ years, Caravan Coffee has been supplying coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores across the country with high-quality coffee and sundries for all their coffee needs.  Caravan Coffee is a distributor of partnering products such as Monin Syrups, Numi Teas, Sattwa Chai, La Marzocco, Mazzer and Wilbur-Curtis.

Sourcing, Roasting and Brewing

We recognise that at all three of these stages there is a need for being specific. For this reason, we make it a priority to source from areas where we know our money is going to have a positive social or environmental effect.

Our Roast Master/Q grader (Paul) and Assistant Roaster (Victor) test batches of coffee on a weekly basis to make sure you are getting consistent quality and flavour in the coffee you order.

Our baristas are spectacular at what they do. We teach that this is more than just a cup of coffee, and they get to see it through to the cup before the customer gets to enjoy it. By the time a customer takes a drink, over 100 people have touched that coffee in some way. For that reason, if all the moving parts before the espresso machine have been at a high standard, the barista needs to maintain that standard in the preparation of the final product.

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Relationship, Partnering, Quality and Convenience

At Caravan Coffee, we enjoy thriving and learning in our profession. In partnering with us, you will be given this same opportunity to work with a team who is excited to see your business grow beyond your dreams. The experience and education of the Caravan staff is extensive and there is rarely a solution we can’t come up with to fulfil our customers’ needs.

As part of our endeavour to help you be successful, we offer complimentary Basic and Advanced Barista Training for your staff to ensure that the highest standards are being met to show off the exquisite coffee you have in your hopper. Ordering coffee couldn’t be easier: a Caravan representative will call or email at the frequency of your choosing. You let us know what you need and your coffee will be roasted-to-order.


Coffee cuppings are the global standard of evaluating the complexity of coffee. When we cup coffee we get to experience the difference between growing regions, processing methods and many other intricate features of coffee. At Caravan, we love doing cuppings on the road with our customers to help them better understand the coffee they are serving.


We love meeting new people, so please reach out to us if you have any questions about our wholesale program.

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