“Without Caravan Coffee we would have very poor communication in our office since no one talks until the Caravan coffee is ready. But the good news is that our Caravan coffee is ready every day at 9:00 so we have a full day of excellent communication.”

Ben Jaquith-Business Owner

“We love being able to pick our coffee up every month and getting to visit the roasting plant where we get to smell and taste the freshest of coffee and visit a little with the awesome staff at Caravan.”

Angie Stevens-Hand-Picked Subscriber

“If you’ve been in the wine country, you notice how wineries are primarily production facilities, with a tiny portion set aside for a tasting room. Well, Caravan Coffee is the winery of the coffee world. This place is located in an industrial area just off Hwy 219 in Newberg. The building is basically a coffee roasting and warehouse facility, but with a cool little coffee shop at the storefront. The aroma is like no other coffee house I’ve ever been too, as you are immediately enveloped in the beautiful smell of fresh beans.”

“Oh, and the coffee here is top shelf good. Their roasting is excellent, and the flavors of the coffee are as good (frankly, better) than anywhere else. Sorry, Portland, the best coffee is in Newberg!”

“Also, unlike most pretentious Portland artisan coffee houses, the staff here are down to earth friendly. You can talk coffee with them, and get a real education. They do coffee tastings, which I need to come back for someday and give a try. There’s also a coffee club. We visited on Black Friday, and they were giving out free cups of their Christmas Blend, which was magnificent. We got to walk back to the warehouse (again, the aroma; I want to come back and just hang out there for the great coffee smell).”

“This is definitely a “must stop” if you’re travelling through Newberg. Make sure you give it a try the next time you go through the wine country.”

Robert M-Tasting Room Customer