Single Origin

Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee - Presale

Single Origin

Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee - Presale


A local collaboration like no other

Here at Caravan Coffee, we are always looking for ways to collaborate with other artisans in our local community so when Steven from Branch Point Distillery reached out to us to see if we would be interested in a used whiskey barrel our lead roaster Victor jumped at the opportunity.

While whiskey aged coffee has been around for a few years now, Victor knew that he could make something truly unique to Caravan with this collaboration. He took our Brazil Monte Carmelo, aged it in the Branch Points Trit whiskey barrels, and developed a stellar roast profile that brings out the best of the coffee and the whiskey.

The hazelnut, brown sugar, and chocolate tasting notes of the Brazil blend together with the rye spices, vanilla, caramel, and cola notes of the Trit whiskey that makes a coffee experience you don't want to miss.   

Only available as a presale. All orders will ship out the first week of October.

*This coffee contains no alcohol.*

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Branch Point Distillery is a small independent whiskey distillery in the heart of Oregon wine country. At Branch Point Distillery they know that the unexpected paths of life are often the most rewarding. They  source grains from local farmers to produce whiskies not found anywhere else and utilize traditional methods of production such as distillers’ malt, pot stills, pre-prohibition barrel strengths, and non-chill filtration to create more flavorful and authentic whiskies. Their recipes are original to Branch Point and are designed to showcase these traditional distillation methods and local grains. They mash, ferment, distill, mature, and bottle on site. Caravan Coffee is proud to partner with Branch Point and encourage you to visit their tasting room! 


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