Single Origin

Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee


Single Origin

Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee



2nd Annual Local Collaboration!

Back by popular demand we are proud to announce the limited release of our Branch Point Distillery whiskey barrel aged coffee! And this year it's SWEETER than ever!

You won't want to miss this!

Our Guatemala Monte Cristo single origin coffee was triple barrel aged using Branch Point Oregon Wheat Whiskey barrels. The whiskey is made from locally grown Oregon soft white winter wheat along with crystal brewers malt and distillers malt and is double pot distilled before being aged in new, charred American oak barrels. 

The whiskey is very approachable and offers tasting notes of caramelized tropical fruits, brown sugar, and vanilla. The vapors of barrels #099, #103, and #106 each imparted a unique quality to our unroasted coffee. Once roasted the coffee comes on sweet and smooth with a surprising mash of spiced ripe tropical fruit, reminiscent of fresh baked banana bread with a vanilla, butterscotch and clove finish.

Hurry while it lasts!

We'll keep this coffee aging and roasting September and October. Join the collaboration party with cold brewed whiskey coffee, coffee cocktails, food trucks and fresh whiskey pours Saturday, Sep 26 at Branch Point Distillery.

Contact and reserve your spot at this unforgettable Yamhill county artisan event at: 

* This coffee contains no alcohol.*
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Branch Point Distillery is a small independent whiskey distillery in the heart of Oregon wine country. At Branch Point Distillery they know that the unexpected paths of life are often the most rewarding. They  source grains from local farmers to produce whiskies not found anywhere else and utilize traditional methods of production such as distillers’ malt, pot stills, pre-prohibition barrel strengths, and non-chill filtration to create more flavorful and authentic whiskies. Their recipes are original to Branch Point and are designed to showcase these traditional distillation methods and local grains. They mash, ferment, distill, mature, and bottle on site. Caravan Coffee is proud to partner with Branch Point and encourage you to visit their tasting room! 


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