Single Origin

Sumatra Cafe Femenino


Single Origin

Sumatra Cafe Femenino




ALL MONTH LONG: $1 per 12oz bag and $2 per 2lb bag of any Cafe Femenino purchase goes directly back to the Cafe Femenino Foundation.



Finding their voices unheard at a mixed-gender cooperative, the women of the Kokowagayo cooperative separated their coffee from the men’s in 2014 and began the first women-only cooperative in Sumatra. These women knew they would make more community-focused decisions than the men when deciding where to allocate the Fair Trade premiums. To further drive women-controlled funds to their families and communities, and to nurture a space where women can share their ideas and wield exclusive decision-making power, the women of Kokowagayo started the Café Femenino Sumatra Program in 2015.

While women in Sumatra have always carried key roles in coffee production, they had been excluded from economic decision-making. By taking the bold step of creating their own women-only cooperative and joining Café Femenino, the women not only earn more money for their hard work, but they also have the ability to decide where the money goes. Since starting the Café Femenino Sumatra Program, the women have used their increasing resources to, among other things, offer leadership and financial training to women coffee farmers, set aside capital for women’s entrepreneurial efforts, and even build a community center above their wet mill to provide a safe space for women to congregate to learn new skills.


Latitude 4° 9' S

Longitude 97° 49' W

Altitude 1200-1500 m

Region Kokowagayo, NE Aceh

Varietal Bourbon(20%), Tim Tim (60%), Catimor (20%)

Farm / Coop Kokowagayo Womens Coffee Coop 544 women

Process Wet Hulled

Certification Fair Trade, Organic

people picking coffee beans
This group of courageous, business-oriented women are doing nothing short of redefining gender norms in Sumatra. They began with the hope for a better life economically, and with Café Femenino, they have a program and a means of realizing that dream. Since joining Café Femenino in 2015, they have grown their membership by hundreds of women each year and continue to use their increased premiums to strengthen their skillsets and self-esteem through various capacity-building workshops in leadership, financial management, and human rights. The progress they’ve made has not only inspired more women to rethink their own status in society, it has also compelled the men in their community to change their behavior and views regarding gender roles. Many of the husbands of the Café Femenino Sumatra Program participants are now contributing to their wives’ businesses and directing their own resources toward children’s education and community projects like never before.


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