SCA Roasting Intermediate (POSTPONED)


SCA Roasting Intermediate (POSTPONED)

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POSTPONED due to Covid Precautions

formerly: Friday-Saturday 10-11 April 2020, Two Days: 9am-5pm

Theory instruction with practical and online exams. 
(Cost includes SCA Certification)

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  • This course will detail many complexities of the roasting process, various types of machines and specific use of roasters throughout history. Deeper roasting, green and sensory concepts rooted in physics, thermodynamics, chemistry, biology and physiology should be grasped.
  • Understanding and controlling variables affecting coffee transformation during the roast process is especially pertinent in both written and practical skills demonstration.
  • Expanded training and testing through green and roasted (sensory) coffee analysis required.1
  • Ideal for experienced coffee roasters with a strong grasp of roasting, sensory and green.
  • Those who pass both the Practical and Written Exams will receive SCA Certification for successful completion of this course as part of the Coffee Skills Program with the SCA. 
  • Practical Exam (must pass all parts 70%+)
  • Online Exam (must achieve 70%+)



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