Single Origin

Guatemala Santa Palencia


Single Origin

Guatemala Santa Palencia





Our latest Guatemala varietal is grown by a group of 156 small producers from El Progreso, Jalapa, and Palencia, in the central zone of Guatemala.  At 1900 ft, this 400-hectare farm (with an additional 78 hectares set aside for a bioreserve) is lush with pacas, sarchimore, and catuai varietals. This group is led by Gregorio Perez Jimenez, who has more than 50 years of experience growing coffee in the region. We have found this coffee to have a juicy body, with floral and citrus aromas and chocolate flavor notes at the end. 

Through the Mercon LIFT program and Seeds for Progress, this Rainforest Alliance Certified collective works to improve the quality of life of its producers and families, while working to increase the overall sustainability of the farm. 

Fulfillment Schedule

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Latitude 14° 57′ N

Longitude 91° 48′ W

Altitude 1585m (5200')

Region San Marcos

Varietal Bourbon

Farm / Coop Johann Dieter Nottebohm (owner)/Baiardi (farmer)

Process Double Washed/Soaked/Patio Dried

Certification RFA


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