701 Steeped Coffee

SKU 701B1

701 Steeped Coffee

SKU 701B1


Take the comfort of Caravan anywhere you roam with these convenient single-serve coffee bags! 

When looking for the best way to represent Caravan in a single-serve size, our team chose to partner with Steeped Coffee for their attention to specialty coffee needs, guilt-free packaging and overall company efforts.

Packaged in fully-compostable packets and nitro-sealed for freshness, these handy steeped coffee packs are ideal for camping, travel or the office.  This is where convenience meets quality.

Our 701 bold roast delivers a delightful blend of flavors including dark cocoa and vibrant citrus. 

Available in single-serve packs and 10 or 60 count boxes. 


  • POUR - Place filter in cup and gradually pour over 8 oz. hot water per steeped bag.
  • DUNK - Dunk the bag for 15-30 seconds or longer for added strength.
  • STEEP - Leave steeped bag in cup or until preferred taste. Drink after 5+ minutes. 


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