A Note from The Master: Coffee Science Certificate:

Last week I attended the first Coffee Science Certificate classes in Portland, OR. There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to taste, something little studied.

A lot of us know perhaps of the Taste Tongue diagram which came from Dr Boring (1942). But it is incorrect. The human tongue is a complex structure made of four different types of papillae. It is in three of these structures that the taste buds are located. Taste buds are located in pores in the papillae and are responsible for you being able to taste a huge array of different flavors and tastes. This complex functioning is a new model that replaces the old model where by people used to believe that different parts of the tongue detected different types of taste e.g. salt on tip of the tongue tastes salty not sweet.

Paul Allen | Roastmaster

by Caravan Coffee

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