Last year I had the pleasure of traveling to Austin TX on a trip to begin relationships and to secure wholesale accounts for Caravan Coffee. One of these relationships began, as many often do, over a cup of coffee. I walked into Houndstooth Coffee Co and met Gregory Alford. I was greeted with a welcoming smile and a comforting handshake and immediately felt like a guest in someone’s home. Gregory is what could be seen as the coffee development coach of Houndstooth in most facets of coffee; his drive, passion, and knowledge for coffee and the consumer and how they partner was, and is, uplifting.

Gregory and his friend Steven Eggert have developed, through years of research and practical analysis, a book called “GROUNDED The fundamentals of brewing a delicious cup of coffee“. This is a book that I have read cover to cover and have put sticky notes on almost every page encouraging myself to read over and over again. This book is a wealth of knowledge for the home brewer and when I asked Gregory, “Why did you make this book, and for the home brewer, what is the greatest need?”

His response was articulate and unsurprising considering his enjoyment of seeing people thrive in understanding coffee. He said, “It provides the prerequisites and methodology that tie all the little bits of information that you can find on the internet into one cohesive process”. Not a truer word could be said and we are so grateful to partner with Gregory and Steven in selling their book on our website and in our tasting room.

If you are a home brewer and want to understand how to make your morning coffee taste the way it’s supposed to, then you need this book. It provides clear and concise information on grinding, pouring, recipes for numerous brew methods, and is accessible to all levels of understanding on coffee topics. In addition to this, for those of us who are nerds about coffee, there is a brief insight into extraction theory and various other topics of interest.

Come visit us and have a read over a cup of coffee in the tasting room or have a copy shipped to your door. Your coffee game is about to get better.

Chris McMullan

Sales and Development.