Pete Miller

Owner & Founder

Pete enjoys being a “flame keeper”, coaching the best flavors and aromas from these organic and mystical seeds from faraway places.


Paul Hunter Allen


My mum says I was ruined, as far as coffee was concerned. After two years in Europe, only the best would do. There may be only one thing I enjoy more than seeking the perfect roast on our 25lb San Franciscan roasters–drinking a “flat white” with friends and my wife, Rachel.


Tiffany Middleton

Operations Manager

My coffee journey began while working as a barista in the mid 1990’s when specialty coffee was really still finding its way into the mainstream. I had the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the retail side of coffee while working in a busy drive-thru and managing the adjoining sit-down café. My passion for the magical elixir never waned and I was eventually drawn to the wholesale roasting world by way of Caravan Coffee. Essentially, my job is to keep Caravan running like a well-oiled machine and I pour my heart and soul into doing just that. I have a shirt that says “Keep Calm and let Tiffany Handle It.”  At Caravan, those are words to live by!


Chris McMullan

Sales & Development

After 26 years of living in Ireland, I never really got to experience the wonder of artisan coffee. Since moving to Oregon and being part of the Hand Picked Club here a Caravan Coffee, prior to serving as the Sales and Service Rep, my taste buds have never needed to look back! I have a few passions in life, and one of the greatest is my passion for rugby. I help in coaching the local high school team in Newberg and love watching/playing all kinds of sports. I’m at my happiest when I get to be with people and having great conversation over a great meal. Call in and see me sometime, I’d love to make you a great cup of coffee.


Kat Stauffer

Tasting Room Manager

“We should go out for coffee” invites relationship and conversation.  The world of coffee has not only opened the doors to experiencing an excellent world-wide beverage but has contributed to friendships becoming best friendships, dreams becoming realities, and much more. At Caravan Coffee I look forward to sharing the intricacies of the coffee tasting world with you. Currently, my favorite coffee is our Fair Trade Organic Peru Femenino for both a pour-over and espresso.

Victor Reyes III

Assistant Roaster

I drink coffee because each cup is an experience full of new aromas and flavors that change depending on my coffee selection and brewing method. I also enjoy how coffee impacts lives beyond those who are drinking the final product. It makes my coffee journey more rewarding and I hope it makes yours too.


Alex Koeppen


The coffee that I grew up with was pre-ground, over- roasted coffee that had been sitting on the shelf for, well, who knows how long.  As an adult, I tried coffee again and I tentatively sipped a French Pressed Sumatra.  I was taken back, speechless almost.  To this day, Sumatra coffee is still one of my favorites.

Picture of Josh Voth

Josh Voth

Packaging and Shipping

It wasn’t until my family started buying Caravan that I found my taste for coffee. I heard about caravan doing cuppings and decided to go. Long story short; I came, I cupped, I was hired. There’s a little more detail to it, but there you have it.  In my spare time I love to draw in both traditional and digital forms. I also like to play video games, watch movies, listen to music, and look at art for art’s sake.


Haley Queen

Tasting Room 

Oregon native, artist, coffee drinker and lover of the outdoors. I have always loved coffee but it all changed when I started working at my first coffee shop and really started to understand that it’s more than ‘just’ a cup of coffee. There is a story it tells and an art to making it. Being an artist myself I can really appreciate everything that goes into crafting that perfect cup of coffee. My journey in the coffee industry has really just started and I’m so excited to learn more with every cup of coffee I create.


Kaley Rae Martin

Events / Demo Specialist 

My journey in the coffee world started four years ago at a small coffee shop in Texas. Since then I have had the opportunity to learn about and observe the ways in which a cup of coffee can bring people from so many different walks of life together. I take great joy in getting to meet and know people, especially over a cup of coffee. I am constantly on the lookout for a new adventure, whether it be through coffee, food, or anything outdoors.

Haley Marie Allen

Tasting Room

Coming soon…